Portland's Most Dangerous Intersections

For Portland motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists, moving through the city is definitely more dangerous in some locations than others. Simply 4 % of Portland's intersections accounted for more than 65 % of all pedestrian deaths over a 10-year duration. Anybody moving about in the location east of 38th Avenue on the city's east side is going to be in the part of the city that houses all 10 of the most unsafe intersections in Portland.

Portland's Most Dangerous Intersections
All are either 4 or five-lane roads. And when the stats are tallied, 2 roadways in certain are getting the sort of track record and prestige no location desires. 82nd Avenue and 122nd Avenue rank as the most hazardous locations for motorists, with Powell Boulevard not far behind, and Stark Street is ranked the most harmful intersection for pedestrians.

As unfortunate as the reading might be, it vital to provide individuals a concept of where they have to take additional care when driving, strolling or biking on the city streets. With that in mind, we provide a map of the most harmful intersections in Portland, and list them right here.

1. S.E. Powell Boulevard and 82nd Avenue. In 2009, a girl went into the intersection improperly and ended up driving her car into the side of a structure on the corner of this well-known junction. S.E. Division Street and 122nd Avenue. S.E. Division Street has actually been the scene of a number of fatal accidents at or near the intersection with 122nd Avenue, consisting of in March, 2007; January, 2003, and September, 2002.

2. S.E. Division Street and 122nd Avenue. This is the very first of 6 entries in the "Top 10 No One Wants to Be Part Of" for 122nd Avenue, and S.E. Division Street appears specifically deadly for bicyclists.

3. S.E. Division Street and 82nd Avenue. In March, 2006, this was the scene of a casualty, and 82nd Avenue has an infamous record of motorists running traffic signals, triggering multi-vehicle accumulate.

4. S.E. Stark Street and 122nd Avenue. While this intersection is especially deadly, no place along S.E. Stark Street can be counted on as being a safe location for individuals in vehicles, on bikes or afoot. On July 4th, 2007, Dannie Price was eliminated in the crosswalk of the exact same intersection by a hit-and-run driver later on recognized as Florentino Garcia. Less than 24 hours later on, a two-car accident less than 50 feet from the intersection sent out 2 individuals to the medical facility.

5. N.E. Halsey and 122nd Avenue. October appears to be a bad month to enter this certain intersection, with casualties signed up for both October, 2001, and October, 2003.

6. N.E. Glisan and 122nd Avenue. 2 years back, in August, 2009, a guy driving another Kia Sportage purposely reversed his car into bicyclist Michael Luther, simply a couple of feet from the intersection of N.E. Glisan and 122nd Avenue. In the exact same month, 52-year-old bicyclist James Wagner was eliminated while biking on N.E. 122nd Avenue near the Glisan intersection.

7. S.E. Powell Boulevard and 122nd Avenue. Casualties have actually been taped on or near this intersection from December, 2000; March, 2004, and May, 2007.

8. S.E. Powell Boulevard and 174th Avenue. Amongst the numerous accidents which have actually caused severe injuries at or near this intersection was a hit-and-run in March of this year.

9. S.E. Powell Boulevard and 39th Avenue. In February, 2010, a 93-year-old girl passed away attempting to cross the hectic intersection.

10. S.E. Powell Boulevard and 92nd Avenue. In January, 2002, a driver was eliminated in this intersection. In May, 2008, a pedestrian crossing S.E. Powell, not far from the intersection with 92nd Avenue, was struck with such force, they were tossed about 60 feet.