Driving under the influence Accident Statistics

Dui Accidents are a Major Concern Statewide and Nationally

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While the focus on harsher penalties, stricter restrictions, and nationwide education has actually assisted bring awareness to the issue of driving while drunked, it still continues to be a leading reason for injury and death in the United States.

We've pulled together stats-- both for Pennsylvania and nationally-- that emphasize the severity of this issue. At our law practice, we see the damaging impacts of drunk driving accidents. Our company believe that education and prevention will certainly cause decreasing these awful numbers.

2013 Pennsylvania Alcohol-Related Crash Statistics

Keep in mind: This was the more current info readily available.

  • There were 11,041 alcohol-related crashes in 2013
  • Drunk driving accidents led to 381 deaths
  • 7,900 injuries from alcohol-related crashes
  • 4.1 drunk driving crashes per 100,000 certified motorists
  • 3 out 4 drunk motorists were male
  • 19 % of driver deaths for 16-20 years of age were alcohol-related
  • 44 % of driver deaths for 21-25 years of age were alcohol-related
  • 34 % of driver deaths for 26-30 years of age were alcohol-related
  • Alcohol-related deaths made up 32 % of all traffic deaths
  • The state average is 30 alcohol-related accidents each day
  • 1 individual is eliminated daily in Pennsylvania from drunk driving accidents

2012 Pennsylvania Alcohol-Related Crash Statistics

  • 11,959 alcohol-related crashes
  • 404 drunk driving deaths
  • 8,724 injuries from alcohol-related crashes
  • 4.2 drunk driving crashes per 100,000 certified motorists
  • 3 from 4 drunk motorists were male
  • Alcohol-related crashes made up 31 % of all traffic accidents

2013 National Drunk Driving Statistics

  • 290,000 Americans were injured by drunk driving crashes
  • 10,076 deaths from drunk driving accidents
  • Someone is injured every 2 minutes from a dui crash
  • There are 3 drunk driving deaths per every 100,000 motorists
  • Drunk driving rates are greatest amongst 21 to 25 years of age (23.4 %).
  • from every 3 individuals will certainly be associated with a driving under the influence crash in their life time.
  • 28 individuals pass away daily in the United States from dui (1 every 52 minutes).
  • 29.1 million Americans confessed to drinking and driving.
  • Drunk driving expenses the United States $199 billion each year.

More National Statistics.

  • Average drunk motorists will certainly drive drunked 80 times prior to their very first arrest.
  • Drunk driving accidents are 4.5 times most likely in the evening.
  • The typical individual metabolizes one alcohol per hour.
  • Males are much more most likely to drive drunk than females (15.1 % vs. 7.9 %).
  • 1/3 of all dui arrests are repeat culprits.
  • In 2012, 239 youngsters were eliminated in drunk driving crashes (52 % were travelers in a car driven by a drunk driver).

A Little Information Can Go a Long Way.

Education is the very first step to ending drunk driving accidents. These data highlight the extremely genuine, extremely harmful issue that exists with drunked motorists.